Static joint braces


Completely reworked and in a new design, we present our successful static joint braces for ortheses. An invisible worm gear drive now provides greater convenience and hygiene. The attractive angle function scale now allows the settings to be documented reliably.



Mono 14/25 mit Mitläufer

Tried and tested over many years, both monocentric and polycentric joints are suitable for individual orthopaedic treatment of upper and lower extremities in children and adults.

The functions and convenience of the product series have been further improved in order to guarantee the best possible treatment. The design has been modernised and adapted to current trends.

The mono/poly braces can be used universally for the right and left sides. They can be delivered individually (S), with a runner (M) or in a complete set (P) incl. adjustment key.

sdfGLike all our joint braces, all SOLIDCLASSICS joints are also available in a reinforced design.


Our successful 392 model with two screws at 90° to each other is now called TWIN. The design of this universal joint brace has been significantly revised and its convenience greatly improved.