Protection and improved quality of life.

Caroli brings you exclusive products with unparalleled performance and optimum wearing comfort. We offer innovative and effective solutions that meet the demands of an active life. Be it for prevention, rehabilitation or sport, our products support you with the right compression. Produced from high-quality materials and constantly developed in line with the latest findings, they meet the needs of the user with the very highest quality. With Caroli products, you are protected efficiently and improve your quality of life.



Sport compressions.
Extremely efficient and convenient, these products support a huge range of load intensities for sport and leisure activities. The special cut ensures a perfect fit and guarantees enormous freedom of movement. The special anti-allergenic, breathable fabric made from finest cotton guarantees a pleasant feel for the wearer and reliable hygiene around the clock.


Men's briefs.​
These special briefs are recommended for repositionable hernias and can be excellently supplemented with matching truss pads to increase compression in the groin area. Especially useful after surgical procedures, for active support and to prevent weakening and slackening of the connective tissue. They offer perfect fit and work during any physical activity.


Women's briefs.
With a perfect fit, our women's briefs are effective in restoring an aesthetic line and are pleasant and comfortable to wear. Our women's briefs are ideal after surgical procedures, to support the abdominal region, to prevent weakening and slackening of the connective tissue and to reduce back pain.