About us


Caroli is your expert for bandages and orthopaedic components in the southern Baden region.​

We develop, produce and sell sophisticated, high-quality braces, compresses, bandages and other products for your recovery. We are a true family business. For generations, we have shaped the development of our company with our creativity, ideas and hard work.

Times have not always been easy since the company was founded, but with great dedication, some good ideas and high standards for our products, our services and of course ourselves, we have made it this far.

And we are certain that it will remain this way for some time.​



Heinrich Caroli takes over his father's saddler business and founds a hernia truss factory together with five employees.


Heinrich Caroli dies in an explosion while testing new coatings for hernia truss springs. His widow Karoline and oldest son Heinrich are the second generation to take over the company. The company employs around 40 people.


1896.jpg Heinrich hands over the medical store to his brother Max, one of his six siblings. Production moves to Tiergartenmühlgasse, where it remains to this day. At the turn of the century, the company employs 120 staff, including all seven brothers.

Its range includes hernia trusses, abdominal trusses, corsets, jockstraps and arch supports. The company now has its own production facilities in Bühl, Kippenheim and Berlin, but once capacity is expanded, production is once again concentrated at the main site in Lahr in the Black Forest.


Erich Caroli becomes the third generation to lead the company. He marries Paula Friedensbruch, the daughter of a hernia truss spring producer from Solingen. The good relationship between the families means that Caroli begins to produce its own hernia truss springs. In the years that follow, rubber belt hernia trusses, insoles from the "Tourist" brand, wrist bandages, bras and hoists are added to the range.


After the death of Erich Caroli, his widow Paula continues the company together with two authorised officers and introduces the new trademark "Gemskopf" for bandages made from high-quality chamois leather.


After the death of Paula Caroli, her son Hans takes over the company. He is just 17 years old and is aided by a legal guardian. Just three years later, Hans Caroli is killed fighting in Russia.


1946.jpg After the war, the company (formerly with a sole proprietor) is converted into a limited partnership to secure its future. Camill Caroli, Erich's brother, takes over the company together with Paula's brother, Eugen Friedensbruch. Six further family members are also partners.


Camill Caroli dies and is succeeded by his son, Camill Caroli Junior, a trained medical equipment expert. The trademark "Gemskopf"  is quickly retired to be replaced by the current company logo. Camill Caroli drives development with numerous inventions, some of which he patents. For example, he develops artificial anus bandages with disposable bags.

He also initiates a revolution in production, from laborious manual to mechanical production. Towards the end of the 1960s, the company employs just under 100 people.


1977.jpg In order to develop new products, Camill Caroli founds a partnership with Prof. Dr. Joachim Eichler from the State Orthopaedic Clinic in Wiesbaden. Together they develop new drop foot braces, cervical collars, back support bandages, Quengel braces and much more. The company benefits from the innovative technical developments in the range to this day.


Heinrich Caroli takes over the company from his father. He chooses a course of national expansion and takes over competitors in Mainz, Stuttgart and Wuppertal over the next few years. Finally, he takes over the shares held by the other partners, but it is not until just before the end of the century that Heinrich Caroli becomes the sole shareholder of the company.


1984.jpg Horst Müller, Head of the Metal Department, invents an orthopaedic brace with a worm gear drive. The development is patent protected, making it a huge economic success.


1999.jpg The final partner leaves the company at the same time as its 150th anniversary. The limited partnership becomes a company with a single proprietor, Heinrich Caroli e.K. Bandagenfabrik.


The company remains where it was founded, in Lahr in the Black Forest. We currently employ just under 50 people in production, sales and administration. 
To secure the future the individual company is converted into a GmbH, Heinrich Caroli remains the sole shareholder.


Christian and Philip Caroli, the two sons of Heinrich Caroli, were accepted as partners in the GmbH.