Dynamic joint braces


Our dynamic joint braces have been developed for the orthetic care of patients with limited movement. After injuries with contractures and surgical procedures, orthesis care using our dynamic corrective braces ensures that the joints are mobilised safely, step by step.

Dyna Twin


DYNA 19 / DYNA 19 FE


Small, light and easy to use, Dyna 19 has a compact size. These properties make it ideal for universal use in paediatric orthopaedics, for treating our youngest patients, and for contractures of the wrist and finger joints.



Like all other joint sizes of the DYNALock series, the DYNA 19 is also available as a modified version with a lock. The proven locking mechanism allows locking of the joint in the desired position and thus facilitates the independent application of the orthosis. Because of these design features, the DYNA 19 FE is particularly suitable for upper limb care in patients with limited finger-hand function.


With a housing diameter of just 25 mm, Dyna 25 is barely larger than a 1 euro coin. With plenty of movement packed into a tiny space and a low weight, it is ideal for wide-ranging treatment of children and infants, and for use with wrist contractures.


The Dyna 35 is pretty much a classic. Tried and tested for many years, it is used successfully for a wide range of orthopaedic treatments. Its flexibility and its ideal combination of strength and working range with the smallest possible housing dimensions are what make it so popular.


Dyna 45 has filled a gap in our product range. With high strength, a sufficient working range and a compact size, it is recommended for orthopaedic care of the upper and lower extremities in children and adults.


Extremely strong and dynamic, Dyna 55 is ideal for treating contractures of the knee and hip joints. The brace has been tried and tested over many years and is especially characterised by its high spring force.